With the natural Ayung River as backdrop, the sound of water flow as symphony, SPA at The Samaya will offer treatments inspired by the Ayung River.


The Samaya Ubud's superb location set alongside the Ayung River and view overlooking to the rice fields.

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Balinese Dining at Swept Away

Location : Swept Away Restaurant

We offer a unique opportunity to immerse your senses in the true flavours and aromas of this island paradise. The menu has been compiled carefully in order to make this experience accessible for the whole family.

The true Balinese cuisine is, like all else in Bali, a matter of contrasts. There are every day foods, and there are festival foods. The staple of daily fare is rice, accompanied by vegetables, a small amount of fish or meat, and a range of condiments, usually cooked in the early morning, and
consumed whenever the need arises, often as snacks. Most Balinese meals are eaten quickly and without fanfare. Dining out and in groups is not a normal social custom.

Festivals are the major exception. Food is prepared in an elaborate and decorative manner and is eaten communally, marking the occasion as something out of the ordinary. All of the dishes at the Swept away are therefore created with a festival mood in mind, the meal is served “family style” as food such as this should be, placed in the middle of the table to be shared and enjoyed by all.


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